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SuperPowered was born from our desire to provide an SMSF service like no other in the Australian market. Find out how we do it.

Why SuperPowered SMSF?

Over the last decade, we’ve developed an experienced SMSF Administration and Compliance team that provides specialised SMSF solutions for accounting firms and financial planners as well as direct to Australians who want a reliable and trustworthy SMSF advisor. 

While many SMSF service providers have overseas offices to cut down on costs, we believe that service quality and risk control can only be upheld when the work is done here in Australia by local experts who understand the complexity of SMSF compliance and are able to talk to you on the phone or invite you into our offices. That is why we will never send client information overseas and you will always be dealing with our SMSF experts here in Melbourne!

There are many SMSF administration providers out there, but none of them will offer you the capability and dedication that we can. None of them will look beyond the basic needs of a tax return to offer a complete suite of plug-in services to power up your SMSF performance and strategy.

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