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We deliver outstanding SMSF Compliance services to help you power-up profitability within your business with your own dedicated SMSF Specialist Accountant.

Industry Expertise

Don’t have an in-house SMSF Compliance specialist? We take the complexity out of compliance with our complete SMSF Administration solution. All our work is done in Melbourne by an experienced SMSF accountant dedicated to servicing your SMSF clients.

Risk-Free Reporting

We give you and your customers confidence that your SMSF reporting obligations are taken care of, keeping you up to date with legislative changes that might put you and your customers at risk. You and your clients also have 24/7 access to their SMSF portfolios through our easy-to-use SMSF Portal.

Fixed-Fee SMSF Solutions

Our fixed-fee SMSF Compliance packages are perfect because you have clarity on SMSF costs and are able to service your client to the level you desire. No hidden fees!

Flexible & Tailored Packages

Not every business is the same. With our customised service, we tailor the engagement to suit the needs of you and your clients. Our service packages vary on the level of support you need. You only pay for what you need.

More Time to Focus on Clients

Partnering with SuperPowered allows you to spend less time on SMSF Administration and Compliance requirements and more time delivering a higher-value service to your clients.

Complementary SMSF Services

Our holistic approach to SMSF Compliance and Administration gives you access to our BlueRock community of professional services, including finance, legal advice, financial planning advice, property conveyancing and property insurance.

SMSF Solutions

Our flexible solutions allow for you to plug-in the service options you want to use

SMSF Compliance & Administration

We’re awesome at SMSF Compliance and Administration, which means you can be too! We partner with our clients to become part of your team and tailor SMSF solutions to support your needs.

Quality SMSF Accounts

PAYG/BAS Services

Annual Pension Reviews

Monthly or Annual Service

TBAR Lodgements

Compliance Review

Year end audit workpaper file

White label option

Financial Statements

Tax Returns (tax agent options)

Fund access via Class Portal
& Client View

Quality SMSF Audits

Our preferred auditor or

Your choice of independent auditor

SMSF Document Services

We manage all the legal documentation required to ensure SMSF compliance, reducing risk and saving time

SMSF set-up

SMSF structural changes

SMSF Trust Deed upgrades

SMSF Limited Recourse borrowing documents


Lump sums

SMSF rollover

Binding Death Benefit Nominations

Plug-in Services

While our core business is SMSF Administration and Compliance, some of our clients require additional support to provide the best customer experience for their clients.

We partner with our experienced and talented SuperPowered community to offer additional plug-in services to boost your business offering and provide a more holistic client engagement.

Legal services

Property conveyancing

Property leases

Estate planning (Wills)


Limited recourse borrowing arrangements


Financial planning

Investment advice

Insurance advice

General Insurance

Residential and commercial property insurance


“Their SMSF service offering is like no other. For a fixed fee per SMSF, I have been given my very own Melbourne-based dedicated SMSF accountant to work on my client base. This is someone who I can call or email to get the support I need to look after my SMSF clients. There is no other service like it.”

Chris Pham, Managing Director, Mission Grow Advisors

“The SuperPowered team have added value to my firm's SMSF offering. With my very own dedicated SMSF accountant from their Melbourne office working on my clients, I get all the SMSF technical support I need; with the added bonus of monthly updated SMSF reporting for my clients.”

Ricky Jessop, Arthur Advisory


SuperPowered was born from our desire to provide an SMSF service like no other in the market.

We believe in partnering with our clients to provide augmented services that focus on positive client experiences.

Over the last decade, we’ve developed an experienced SMSF Administration and Compliance team that provides specialised SMSF service solutions. 

There are many SMSF outsourcing providers out there, but none of them will offer you the capability and dedication that we can. We will look beyond the basic needs of a tax return to offer a complete suite of plug-in services to power up your business and drive profitability.  

While most SMSF outsourcing firms have overseas offices to cut down on costs, we believe that service quality and risk control can only be upheld when the work is done here in Australia by local experts who understand the complexity of SMSF compliance and are able to talk to you on the phone and visit your offices. That is why we will never send your clients’ information overseas.

We also understand that all accountants and financial advisors work differently and that’s why our service has tailored options to allow for efficient integration with your current workflows and processes.

Essentially, our job is to become an extension of your team, to get to know you and your clients and assist you deliver the SMSF reporting effortlessly.

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